How to find the best tent for camping

We all know camping is super fun activity to do with your family, friends, romantic time with your spouse. We have to take care that all the fun is not ruined by choosing the right tent, which can be tricky but family tent guides can help you pick the best tent for your backpacking trip.

The tent that can fits in your all need is a fantasy tent…it does not exists so a tent do it all is not there but we can always choose the best one which completes our needs check our best camping tent reviews below in details.

Adventure of camping can turn into a nightmare if we don’t take care of the following things :

  • Space
  • Shape
  • Material
  • Easy to set up
  • Weather proof

When you chose a tent supposedly for four people and you get a size which looks roomy and spacer from outside. You also would like to re-think the details like whether you would be sleeping on self-inflating mats Or stretchers. This might make a big difference in your comfort level. Sometimes for 4 people can take the space of 6. So size is the very important factor rethink because you all may be carry luggage with extra clothes for an adverse weather change. Till the time you don’t want to suffocate you family in the tent. Size is the prime factor before buying a tent

Conditions you are setting your tent in are also highly crucial. Tents are basically designed for 3 seasons summers, winter, and spring. Lightweight tent is best for summers as they provide good ventilation but it may not save us from fall but can protect us from rain and it dries quickly.

To surpass this seasonality trick we have 3 types of tents : 3 Season tents, extended 3 season tents and 4 season tent.

For first 3-season tent, it is a first good choice as it is economical. It has good ventilation and protection but they may not be as effective in rain season because they will get damp and affect your sleep.

Extended 3-season tents (3-4 tents): This handles fall better than 3-Season as well has warm retention. This tent is used more for a high elevation camping site. You can also check 3 person tent reviews for camping before selecting tent for you.

4 Season tents:All year tent it can even protect you from heavy snow. In case of extreme war, this tent has a panel that can be opened to have more ventilation. It may have good characteristics but it heavy and may be fussy to use these tent in mild weather.

Shapes of tent and pole configuration are necessary for happy camping.

  1. Dome tent: These tents are very easy to set up, durable against the wind also, enough space.
  2. Hoop/ Tunnel Tent: Hoop (tunnel) tent has a weather resistance ability and plenty of room.
  3. A-frame tents A-frame Tent: camping can be a lot easier with A-frame tent as they are light, simple and have decent pricing also.
  4. Pyramid Tent: With its cone shape supported by a vertical center pole, pyramid tents are lighter to pack, easy to pitch and durable. But limited headroom can be a problem due to low angled walls. One has to careful in choosing the site of camping as there is on a sheet in this tent for flooring.
  5. Cone/wedge tent: these tents are higher on the head part and lower on the body part. These tents are designed to reduce the harsh wind.

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